St.John's Lodge No 492 E.R

Installation December 28th 2015


“…once in every year at a stated period…”

On Monday, December 28, 2015 90 Brethren and Visitors across three constitutions and several countries gathered for the Installation Meeting of St John’s Lodge No. 492 E.R. in St. John’s, Antigua.

The afternoon unfurled to view in unsurprising fashion as the excellent work during the past year was continued by Installing Master, W.Bro Craig J. Walter as he quite proficiently installed his successor Bro. Dr. John J.O.L. Swift into the Chair of King Solomon.  W.Bro. Dr. John then with an air of authority and confidence appointed and invested his officers for 2016.

Brethren were treated to deliveries of the Addresses to the Worshipful Master and his Wardens by Very Worshipful Bro. Leonard R. Carty Deputy District Grand Master, and Very Worshipful Bro. Leslie E.B. Nanton Past Deputy District Grand Master as well as the Address to the Brethren by W. Bro. Achirri D. Adams Past Master of St. Michael’s Lodge No. 2253. Working Tools of the 3rd, 2nd and 1st Degrees were presented to the WM by Bros. Allan R. Williams, John J.I. Edwards and Ernest A.M. Bradshaw respectively.

After a brisk walk in full Regalia pursuant to Dispensation of the DGM to the Bethel Anglican Church in The Point, the Brethren participated in the service to mark the Feast Day of St. John the Divine and a sermon delivered by Father Raliville Christian.

The grand evening culminated with the Installation Banquet back at the Masonic Hall at which the Brethren were fed and watered well and enjoyed an extremely high level of fellowship and comraderie. Testimony to the joyous mood were the various exuberant toasts and congratulatory speeches especially those of the many visitors. Brethren had traveled from and were representing lodges in the U.K., Jamaica, St. Thomas, Tortola, Anguilla, Montserrat, Barbados and Grenada, as well as the other 2 lodges in Antigua, and English and Scottish Constitutions in addition to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Caribbean and Jurisdiction.
A wonderful time was had by all!!


Courtesy W Bro Michael F. Roberts PDGStwd



WM, Wardens & Officers



WM with visiting Worshipful Masters Peltier (9887), Gaskin (2253), Gilkes (9881), Henry (2829) & Dunnah (#19, PH)




WM with DDGM & GL Officers




WM with DDGM, GL & DGL Officers



St. John's Lodge No.492 E.R Installation 2015 Photo Store Courtesy W Bro Arthur G. B. Thomas


Waladli Lodge No 9887 E.C

Donations to the Salvation Army.

(l-r) Treasurer W Bro Everett Lake DGPurs., Ch. Stwd. Bro. Lt. Col. Edward Croft,
SW Bro Robert Carvalho, Bros Kendrickson Kentish & Ato Kentish MM’s,
and IPM W Bro Dr. Maxwell Francis PDSGW, DGDC.


On Tuesday 15th December, 2015 WM Marius Gonzalez-Peltier and several members of the District’s youngest lodge, WALADLI LODGE NO.9887 E.C. presented a cheque of EC$2,000.00 to the Salvation Army.


This donation will assist the Salvation Army to feed the less fortunate and the elderly, to present food packages to the needy during this Yuletide seasonand to assist with a feeding programme for the upcoming year.


Maj. Brenda Greenidge, Divisional Commander,accompanied by Major Nana Agyemang, Divisional Secretary,was most appreciative of the financial assistance and provided a brief history of the work being undertaken by the Army.


It was noted that the Army has been active in Antigua and Barbuda for the past 112 years and during the period has always been engaged providing care to the needy, the less fortunate and the elderly.


WM Peltier stated that he was pleased that the Lodge was able to provide support to strengthen the outreach programmes being undertaken and from his knowledge he is aware that the donation will be put to good use to assist, especially during this Christmas time of giving and sharing.



225th Anniversary of Albion Lodge No. 196 ER

A Personal Account by WBro. T.A. Bonnett

Please see the PDF below.



W Bro Ian A M Harford, WM of Lodge St George 3072EC,
flanked by SW Bro Omar T Hughes and JW Cecil B Sylvester


On 4th December 2015, Lodge St George 3072EC installed Bro Ian A M Harford as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year, along with his officers."

Newly installed Master of Lodge St. George 3072, W Bro Ian Harford together with the Almoner,
W Bro Dr Bernard Gittens making a cash donation to the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children.
Included was also a cash donation on behalf of St Michael lodge 2253 who had recently visited for our installation meeting


Unity Lodge 9166 Installation

Newly Installed WM. Haywood with his father W. Bro Karl J Haywood, PDSGD


Saturday afternoon, 21.11.15 on Anguilla found the members of Unity Lodge 9166 participating in what for them was a unique Installation Ceremony; that of a Father installing his Son. A first for this Lodge.


Installing Master Bedford graciously offered W. Bro Karl J Haywood, PDSGD (who had travelled from Barbados specifically for this meeting) the opportunity to work that section of the ceremony which on this occasion, would have held especial meaning for both Haywoods. Unity prides itself on its high standards at Installation, Brother Karl with his quiet firm delivery and many years experience in all things masonic, enhanced the proceedings even further.


The District was represented by the DDGM who resides on Anguilla and the DGDC who had travelled from Antigua for the occasion. They were fully supported by resident District Officers.


Unity’s thirtieth birthday was celebrated in fine form at their annual Ladies Night and Installation Banquet held at Dorack’s place, this venue being another first for the Lodge and a fitting climax to a special day.

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A Masonic Lecture

W Bro Elson Gaskin


On Tuesday 22nd September 2015, W Bro Elson Gaskin, Worshipful Master, delivered a lecture to the Union Lodge No. 7551 on a topic which should be of considerable interest to freemasons in general – whither the conduct of our internal affairs and the possible review of same by external forces – in this instance, the legal system.

Please see the lecture below.


Masonic Provident Society of the Eastern Caribbean

At the September 2015 AGM of the Masonic Provident Society of the Eastern Caribbean (MPSEC), the following brethren were returned as members and officers of the Management Committee for the ensuing year: Delisle Weekes (president), Nigel Jones Q.C. (vice president), David Henry (treasurer), Clyde Sobers (secretary), Shurland Robinson (asst. sec./treas.), Clement Bird Esq., Ronald Hughes, HE Ambassador K L H “Tony” Marshall, Andrew Thornhill Esq., Michael Williams.


The Society was founded in Barbados some 68 years ago on 27th May 1947 with the primary and sole focus of providing a Death Benefit to named beneficiaries of eligible brethren. The concept was expanded over the years to embrace the brethren throughout the Caribbean region and renamed, and has recently been dramatically revitalized. Over the last five (5) years some 40 claims totaling US$107,500 in benefits were paid in consequence.


In 2014 the Committee focused on improving the administration of the Society’s affairs and the services delivered to members. With a much clearer picture in view, a massive drive was made in the last 12 months that has resulted in 47% growth in membership, thus enabling the pursuit of more attractive terms and coverage from insurance companies, as opposed to remaining reliant on the traditional membership contributions.


As the Society heads towards its 70th year of existence, the Insurance Program has already been implemented effective June 1, 2015. Life Insurance Certificates were for the most part distributed and members can expect a superior level of efficiency (Brethren who have not yet received their certificates can contact the Liaison officer in their Lodge/Country or the Secretariat directly).


The renewed focus of the Committee is on new initiatives being undertaken to ensure the sustainability of the services, including the delivery of “Living Benefits”, the first tranche of which has recently been referenced to members in Circular #5.


Exciting times lay ahead!


.Seated (L to R): David Henry (treas.), Nigel Jones (vice Pres) Andrew Thornhill, Clement Bird.
Standing (L to R): Shurland Robinson (asst. sec./treas.), Clyde Sobers (sec.).
Inset (L to R) : Ronald Hughes, Ambassador K L H “Tony” Marshall

Absent : Delisle Weekes (president), Michael Williams


(L to R): Shurland Robinson (asst. sec./treas.), Clyde Sobers (sec.), David Henry (treas.)  


Seated (L to R): Achirri Adams (L2253), Michael Roberts (L492), Digby Ambris (L2788).
Standing (L to R): Leighton Waterman (L1509 SC), Ambassador Dwight Gardiner (L9887), Wendell Walker (L7551)



As the host Lodge of the 319th District Communication on April 2015, Caribbee Lodge determined to donate the Charity collected at the meeting to the St. John’s Hospice.

This was augmented by an additional sum voted from the lodge funds resulting in a combined figure of EC$5,962.72.

This donation was most welcomed, for as Mrs. Jane George-John, the Administrator of the Hospice indicated, that organization was always happy to accept all contributions to its worthy cause.

On Wednesday September 30, 2015 during a simple but most profound and meaningful ceremony, Worshipful Master Hordley Esron Forbes (2nd left) presented the donation cheque to Mrs. George – John. He was accompanied (from left to right) by Treasurer W. Bro. Leslie Salmon PDJGD, W. Bro. Dr. Carl Roberts, PDSGW, and Charity Steward, W. Bro. Melbert Matthew PDGStd.Br.

On receipt Mrs. George-John thanked the Worshipful Master and his members for the generous donation.


320th Biennial District Communication


The 320th biennial District Communication was hosted under the banner of Victoria Lodge No. 2196 ER in Barbados over the weekend of the 24th October 2015.

The featured events – 18th District Convocation of the Holy Royal Arch, the 320th itself – were augmented by the Installation meeting of the District Grand Steward’s Lodge No. 9881, and other masonic meetings of allied orders; as well as the welcome cocktail, District Grand Master’s Banquet and the Sunday brunch attended by brethren and their significant others.

An impressive contingent of overseas brethren mingled with Barbados based brethren in 'love and harmony'.

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photography by WB. Arthur Thomas